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The Coop's Mission is to serve the Harvard and MIT communities as a cooperative by providing quality products and services. Our operations should be profitable, enabling us to share a portion of those profits with our members in the form of a 10% member discount, and to support a capital budget which will ensure our viability.

Our Story

The "COOP" (not the Co-Op as other cooperatives are commonly called) opened for business in 1882 in a student dorm in Harvard Yard. The "store" moved several times in the early years as the business grew and membership increased and finally settled in its current Harvard Square location in 1906. The building was re-built in 1925 and has been the COOP's headquarters and an icon of Harvard Square ever since.

In 1916, when MIT moved from Boston to Cambridge, the Coop was invited by a committee of the Technology Council and the president of MIT to establish a branch store at MIT (The Technology Store) and has been on the MIT Campus ever since. Over the years, several COOP store locations have been added to serve the various campuses of Harvard and MIT.

The COOP has grown into one of America's largest campus stores; stocked with almost everything you'll need on or off campus. Best of all, the annual membership fee is still only $1.00 as it was in 1882.

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