Board of Directors

Harvard Cooperative Society 2019-2020


Allan E. Powell, Clerk,
Harvard Cooperative Society Board of Directors
Jeremiah P. Murphy, Jr., President,
Harvard Cooperative Society
John P. Reardon, Chair,
Harvard Cooperative Society Board of Directors

Senior Advisor, Harvard Alumni Affairs and Development

Margot Gill, Vice Chair,
Administrative Dean for International Affairs, The Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Michael W. Howard, Treasurer,
Harvard Cooperative Society

Executive Vice President, Tufts University


Adedolapo Adedokun
MIT 2022
Michael S. Berk
Managing Director, TA Associates
Lawrence S. DiCara
Audrey Dilgarde
Harvard College 2022

DiOnetta Jones Crayton
Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Director of the Office of Minority Education, MIT
Joe Kurtenbach
Harvard Business School 2020
Harvard Law School 2020
Eric Magliarditi
MIT Graduate 2020
Isha Mehrotra
MIT 2022

Steve Nelson
Chancellor, Valley Christian Schools
Rachel O'Grady
MIT 2020
Sruthi Palaniappan
Harvard College 2020
David Perez
Harvard Business School 2020
Harvard Kennedy School 2020

Katie Ragan
Harvard Business School 2021
Harvard Kennedy School 2021
Stuart Schmill
Dean of Admissions, MIT
Nirav Sookhai
Harvard College 2021
Harim Won
Harvard GSAS 2023


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