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Privacy Policy

The Coop collects customer information through its website to be used to process orders and to communicate about products, services, membership and promotions. The Coop does not share this information with any third party except when they are acting under the Coop name.

When you order, we collect your name, address, phone, credit card information, Coop number and e-mail address. This information is needed to process your order and to allow follow-up information, such as a confirmation notice, delivery information.

We collect information online, from the stores and membership office to maintain an updated membership file to keep in contact with you. Coop membership includes an "opt in" feature for those who would like to receive promotional e-mails. Members can update their information online, or request updates/deletions by contacting our member services office by e-mail or phone (1-800-368-1882).

Each time we send you a promotional email, you will be given an opportunity to unsubscribe to similar emails.